How can this course help your church?

You don't want . . .

❌ Members who don't understand the basics of their faith
❌ Members who feel they are unable to learn Christian beliefs
❌ A church that is doctrinally shallow

This course will equip your church to . . .

✅ Understand the vital doctrines of the Christian faith
✅ Feel confident in what they believe and why they believe it
✅ Teach others the core beliefs of Christianity

Course Sample

View a sample of one of the video sessions for the course.

Why is Church Equip a good fit for your church?

  • Instructors

    Church Equip courses are taught by church health leaders, biblical scholars, and local church pastors. The instructors teach with both expert knowledge and practical application.

  • Accessibility

    Church Equip courses are easy for your members to view at their own pace and timing. Each course also includes PDFs that can be downloaded directly to a digital device.

  • Value

    Church Equip courses are intentionally designed to be affordable for local churches. Each course comes with a lifetime license, including unlimited users from your church family.

Course content

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Meet the Instructor

    3. Course Book - I Believe: A Concise Guide to the Essentials of the Christian Faith

    4. Course Workbook

    1. Lesson 1: The Adventure of a Lifetime

    2. Lesson 2: Where It Begins: God and the Bible

    3. Lesson 3: Two More Persons of the Trinity: God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

    4. Lesson 4: I Believe in the Trinity

    5. Lesson 5: Prayer, Angels, and Demons

    6. Lesson 6: The Atonement, the Resurrection, and the Ascension

    7. Lesson 7: Christ the Only Way and the Church

    8. Lesson 8: Growing Spiritually and Sharing the Gospel

    9. Lesson 9: Christ’s Return and Heaven

    10. Lesson 10: I Believe: Concluding Thoughts

    1. Wrap-up Video

    2. Course Completion Certificate

About this course

  • 1.5 hours of video content

How does it work?

All courses at Church Equip follow the same easy format:

  • Get the course

    The church leader purchases just one copy of the course which includes the book, I Believe: A Concise Guide to the Essentials of the Christian Faith.

  • Unlimited sharing

    The church leader receives free access codes which can be shared with their ministry teams forever.

  • Continual training

    Offer training for one, two, or twenty. Equip your ministry teams at any time without the need to wait or plan ahead!

How can Church Equip help you as a church leader?

Church Equip helps you do what you already want to do: equip your people for ministry.

  • Save yourself time by utilizing Church Equip to train your people for ministry

  • Impact your church and community by equipping your people to serve

  • Make it easier for your people to use their gifts for the glory of God

Start equipping your church to be a believing church today!

Simple and Affordable

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